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The Story of How It Started

An idea was born…
It was in the fall of 1986 in Hornell, NY early one morning. I was getting gas at one of the local filling stations and having a conversation with one of the village plumbers at another pump. Something he had said sparked an idea… desperate and out of work, this idea he mentioned – painting – began to make sense. A painting ad went into the local Penny-Saver the next day. It wasn’t long before it spurred a couple of inquiries. Consulting with a friend, a former painter, we had put out a couple of estimates and shortly thereafter house #1 was signed and ready to go, hence painting for yourself was born.

Reality pays a visit,
Monday morning had finally rolled round and it was time to get going. Borrowing a 32ft. ladder and after the purchase of my first new brush, it was off to house #1. Arriving early and standing on the front sidewalk peering upwards at this monster of a house… the doubt and uncertainty began to creep in. Reality had arrived. Questions began to fly. What do you do first? Where do you start? How high is this thing? Retrieving the ladder and climbing toward the top of the front peak it was about rung #14 when the trembling began and the legs started to weaken and buckle. Fearful and unable to continue any higher it was back to the safety of the sidewalk. NOW WHAT?

Fate would play a part…
It seemed like an eternity standing on the front sidewalk, over-whelmed and second guessing myself. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye, a silhouette of a person appeared in the distance. Wouldn’t you know, coming down the same side of the street on the same sidewalk was a familiar face. An acquaintance of mine and another out of work desperado. After a brief exchange of greetings came the words… “It looks like you could use a hand.” Six long days later, with his help, house #1 was completed. The rest is history.

I’m proud to say that this business is family owned and operated in the truest sense of the words. We’ve been in business for about a quarter of a century and its business as usual. And I would like to acknowledge my family for all of their help and support:

· Christine, my daughter who is a great mom.

· Kahia, my granddaughter who is full of personality.

· Shane, my stepson who brings a multitude of other skills to the operation.

In addition, I would like to acknowledge the influences from my beginnings:

· Ernie W. – The Plumber at the gas pump.

· Jeff H. – The friend and former painter

· Jack G. – The other out of work desperado